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Overview / Features :

Size: 96 X 96 MM
Data Logging In Pen DriveSeparate File of EVENT Data Logging( HI/Low Temp., Water Cut. Alm, Etc.


O) μmicrocontroller based, Touch screen Graphic display
O) Real time clock and date and year selection
O) Data logging time selection (Process parameter store in USB in CSV file formats)
O) DOOR OPEN message indication time selection (NO/NC contact selection )
O) Supply 24 DC
O) Input : PT100 (RTD), J (Fe/K),K (Cr/Al) TYPE
O) Output: 1. Heating Relay Contact or SSR,
                 2. Cooling Relay Contact or SSR,
                 3. Timer Relay Contact or SSR,
                 4. Defrost Relay Contact or SSR,
                 5. Alarm Relay Contact or Buzzer
O) Control action: Heating –PID/On-Off and Cooling -On/Off
O) Heating and CoolingControl
O) Range: RTD -99.9 to 400.0°C,
                  J- TYPE 0 TO 750 °C,
                  K-TYPE 0 TO 1200 °C
O) Accuracy of 0.5% of full scale
O) Heating & Cooling Temperature As per range adjustable in set mode.
O) Alarm setting -25.0 to 25.0 adjustable above and below set value.
O) Ct 1 to 60 seconds Relay output adjustable
O) Auto tuning require for pb, It & dt value
O) Cooling Hysteresis 0.2 to 25.0°C adjustable
O) Delay 0 to 250 second adjustable for cooling control
O) OPEn display if Sensor break
O) Relay trip if sensor breaks or connection open
O) Calibration Error correction by front key switch (No preset setting)
O) Defrost On & Off setting
O) Alarm output optional.